Click here for introductory thoughts on the 2020 National Council on Public History (NCPH) “The Historian’s Gaze: Moving Images and Visual Texts in Public Interpretation of Social Justice Issues” panel by Dr. Sharony Green, Associate Professor of History, University of Alabama.

Space matters Alabama.

These words reference an installation that ran from April 16, 2019 through June 30, 2019 at the University of Alabama’s Gorgas House Museum, the oldest structure on UA’s campus. The exhibit builds on content from the Fall 2018 “Antebellum America” course taught by UA Associate Professor of History Sharony Green.  Kat Flandermeyer, UA undergraduate in Communication Studies,  created the above clips using maps designed by UA Department of Geography graduate student Alex Fries and video created by Dr. Green.

To see a catalog providing background on the “process” of creating this exhibit, click here.

To see students making discoveries during in the Fall 2018 “Antebellum America” course at UA, watch the video below.

To learn more about how their course content encounters this exhibit, read this article on UA’s website by clicking this link.

To see excerpts from the students’ PowerPoints, click this link.

To see the exhibit space, click this link.

To hear soundscape mix by Dr. Green using GarageBand software and the singing of UA undergrad Olivia Melton, click this link.

To see a blog post about our April 16, 2019 opening night exhibit at the Gorgas House Museum, visit this link.

To read “American Civilization Since 1865” student responses to the opening night talk and exhibit, visit this link.

Below is a rough cut of the audio for the exhibit’s overview, which was played beneath video projected above the Gorgas House fireplace in the installation room. You may also listen to this overview by pressing this link.

Here is a slideshow on some of the feedback for the installation.

This event is sponsored by the Frances J. Summersell Center for the South, the Departments of English, Anthropology, Gender and Race Studies, Communications and Information Sciences, and American Studies and UA Crossroads. Special thanks are also owed to Alex Fries, graduate student in UA’s Geography Department, Craig Remington, UA Cartographer, Kat Flandermeyer, undergraduate student in UA’s Film and Television Production program; Brandon Thompson, Director of Gorgas House Museum and his docents Maragelys Baez-Velazquez, Camilla Canty, Rachel Huie, Linda Shumilas, Micaela Jupiter, Adrian Simpson, Jana Venable; Ruth Pionke and Jason Miller, Jordan Harris and Roman Murphy our friends in eTech; Jamon Smith in UA’s Strategic Communications; Dr. John Beeler, Professor of History; Dr. Katie Matheny of Hoole Special Collections Library, Drs. Kari Frederickson, Josh Rothman, Lesley Gordon of the Department of History; Dr. Lane McClelland of UA’s Crossroads; Olivia Melton, an amazing undergraduate with a lovely voice; Dr. Hilary Green as well as Dr. Julia Brock for the sense of community they provide as research with students  concerning public history, an urgent topic, is conducted.

Special thanks to the students in the Fall 2018 “Antebellum America” course for learning about our shared past as part of a group effort: Tomi Adediji, Coleman Baxley, Lara Cuomo, Cheryle-Lane Cooke, Jacob Crews, Imani Daffin, Graham Dodd, Anthony Earl, Mariah Ellis, Ansley Frachiseur, Monica Hurwitz, Faith Jackson, Jack Jenkins, Kayla Merritt, Tom O’Hara, Jake Osachy, Kelly Peyton, and Brie Smiley. 

Our most special thanks to Dr. Sarah Wiggins, Professor Emeritus, Department of History, for your research on Sarah Gayle and for being an inspiration.

And of course, thanks to Ellen Pledger, Morta Riggs and Marla Scott who help the History Department in and beyond our Front Office. Roll Tide!

This event pays homage to Bicentennial celebrations for the City of Tuscaloosa and the State of Alabama and the centennial celebration for women’s suffrage.

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